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A Look at the Development of Contemporary Art through the Eyes of Eva Kocova


“A poster doesn’t have a place on the wall of a luxury home”

Art elevates owner and emphasises his taste, often also possibly wealth and good judgement. He, who in today’s materialistic world surrounds himself with art, receives a status of an especially cultivated, educated and humanistic individual.

Collectors in the Czech Republic put their money on security and invest in art, which is already proven by time and price development. Only the boldest put their money on their own judgement and buy contemporary art. It is necessary to thank and take the hat off to these collectors, because they are the ones that help to advance the development and to sustain time continuum for future generations.

Today’s modern interior designs are simply asking for artwork. A contemporary art seller can only be helpful in the selection and offer work by authors, who graduated from prestigious art schools and whose potential can be developed in time and thus increase the value of the art investment.

We are introducing younger generation artists, whose work points out how different can the work representing today’s art scene be.


The first one is Jiri Ptacek. He was accepted to the Arts Academy, the studio of Bedřich Dlouhy already when he was only 17. He received his diploma in 2001 with associate professor Vladimir Skrepl. Jiri Ptacek uses his paintings to try to express various feelings, experiences and life’s situations. From magnificent and perfect picture forms and motifs he traverses to dark and seemingly detached appearances of reality and to express these he tries to find an adequate artistic technique. [ ……… ]