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My new metallic pictures

Since the middle of 2012 I’ve been focusing mainly on my Metamorphosis picture collection. I have been experimenting a little with a new painting technique and style using metallic colours and increased structure.

The metallic colours allow me to capture a mythological and historical atmosphere in my favourite picture themes. The structure and luminosity of these colours have helped me to move on in developing this new style and also to complement the sometimes almost watercolour effect in my previous pictures in the Metamorphosis collection.
Currently, I’m working on a small series of pictures of ancient olive trees. The name of this series is ‘Vesuvius’ (These paintings I hope will evoke feelings and emotions connected to the great catastrophe after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79). My statement is that beauty and wonder can still be found in areas of the world where there has been devastation caused by natural disaster. My journey in art is to continue painting some pictures with architectural details of Prague buildings (and also buildings and monuments in other locations around the world).