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The Nordic Collection (Polar landscapes)

Since February 2014 I have been focusing mainly on Nordic and Polar themes in my new picture collection. The main difference compared to my more recent work (in which I used predominantly metallic colours and usually chose a mythological theme as the subject matter for my pictures) is that these new canvases are often almost monochromatic with an accent of only one brighter colour. Also, this new collection is much darker – both in terms of the chosen theme and in light and colour.

This collection comprises two themes:
Landscapes – often glaciers, volcanoes, seas and vast empty polar landscapes such as tundras.
Animal motives – in which I have attempted to capture the essence of the biological matter in a living creative with its internal structures of nerves, blood vessels, skeletal forms, etc., and also to capture the creature in an indifferent moment somewhere between life and death and to emphasise its mortality and transience of life.